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Premium Landscaping Services in Sylmar CA

Jerry’s Landscaping & Pool Remodeling is passionate about crafting outdoor havens with top-notch landscaping services in Sylmar, CA, that capture the essence of nature’s wonders. Our devotion extends to various services, including pool remodels, repairs, artificial lawns, outdoor lighting, sprinkler repair, and paver installations. We recognize that maintaining a stunning outdoor space is a challenge.
Our team of seasoned landscapers ensures that your outdoor dreams become a reality by offering environmentally friendly solutions to minimize water usage and maintenance efforts. We help you elevate your outdoor aesthetics and create functional, sustainable spaces that enhance your lifestyle and property value. Turn your outdoor space into an impressive display with us, blending your dreams with our know-how.


Our Mission

To become the best landscaper in Sylmar, CA, by consistently delivering exceptional services that turn numerous mediocre outdoor spaces into breathtaking havens.


Our Vision

To be the foremost name in professional landscaping services in Sylmar, pioneering sustainable solutions and setting new standards for beauty and environmental stewardship.


Crafting Natural Outdoor Havens: Our Practical Techniques

We keep in compliance with local rules while using practical landscaping approaches to ensure the finest outcomes:

  • Xeriscaping utilizes drought-resistant landscape plants that our expert landscape architects carefully chose to create lush, water-efficient gardens.
  • Soil Improvement through testing and amendment ensures the soil enriches via the necessary nutrients for plant growth.
  • Proper grading and drainage help us prevent water accumulation and soil erosion, maintaining the landscape’s well-being in the long run.

Our techniques play a distinct role in creating outdoor spaces harmonizing with nature.

Perfecting Every Detail with a Comprehensive Landscaping Process

We implement a unique step-by-step process to provide our customers with premium landscaping services:

  • First, we have a one-on-one conversation to learn about your landscaping goals and aspirations.
  • We dive into strategic garden planning, tailoring every aspect to your preferences, from plant selection to garden decor.
  • Our expertise comes into play as we carefully curate garden decor options and landscaping elements, ensuring they align seamlessly with your outdoor space and the local environment.

We then give a final check to ensure we successfully handled everything involved in landscaping.

Discovering Excellence in Landscaping Services in Sylmar, CA

Jerry’s Landscaping & Pool Remodeling offers exceptional landscaping services in Sylmar, CA. Our unwavering devotion to creating outdoor spaces that reflect your vision and the unique landscape makes us distinctive.

Our dedicated team transforms landscaping ideas into reality through rigorous planning, sustainable practices, and creative garden decor choices. Because of our extensive experience and familiarity with the area, we guarantee that all components blend in beautiful harmony with their natural setting. Our approach isn’t just about landscaping; it’s about crafting sustainable, captivating outdoor havens that elevate your lifestyle and property value.

Our Services

What We Offer

Pool Remodel

Let our remodelers revitalize your pool's aesthetics and functionality. We provide pool resurfacing, tile replacement, and more to breathe fresh life into your backyard haven.

Pool Repair

Problems with the pool should be manageable with your fun. Our skilled pool repair experts diagnose and fix issues quickly, ensuring your pool is safe and ready for relaxation.

Artificial Lawn

Our reliable professionals help you experience the beauty of a maintenance-free lawn via artificial lawns. You can benefit from lush greenery as long as you want.

Sprinkler Repair

A well-maintained irrigation system is essential for a thriving landscape. Our professionals specialize in sprinkler repair and maintenance to keep your plants healthy and green.

Outdoor Lighting

Our personalized lighting solutions elevate your outdoor areas. We provide the ideal mood for outdoor parties with various options, from decorative accents to practical task lights.


Upgrade your outdoor flooring with durable and stylish pavers. We offer multiple paver options to suit your design preferences and make your home look attractive.

Landscape Remodel

Whether you want to make your outdoor spaces functional or need a comprehensive overhaul, our landscaping services in Sylmar, CA, add immense value via rigorous remodeling.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, artificial lawns are safe for them. They are non-toxic and easy to clean, providing a soft surface for play and relaxation.

Everything non-living in your outdoor area, such as walls, paths, patios, and decks, is hardscaping. Landscaping focuses on plants, trees, and shrubs.

We use proper planting techniques, adequate watering schedules, mulching, and regular inspections to prevent pests and diseases.

Regularly water your plants, mow and trim the lawn, prune shrubs and trees, and check and adjust the irrigation system whenever needed.

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Quality Assurance

We use the best materials and follow the best techniques in the business to ensure enduring, exquisite results so that your landscapes keep thriving without limits.

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Local Knowledge

We are familiar with the temperature of the region, as well as the soil type and the plants that thrive in it. This understanding helps us design landscapes that adapt well to the surroundings.

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