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Inground Pool Remodeling in Sylmar CA
Pool Remodeling in Sylmar California
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Inground Pool Remodeling in Sylmar CA

Welcome to Jerry’s Landscaping & Pool Remodeling! We make your backyard an awe-inspiring oasis with our specialized inground pool remodeling in Sylmar CA. We specialize in pool renovation, turning outdated pools into modern masterpieces. Our team takes pride in delivering top swimming pool refurbishment, ensuring every project blends beauty and functionality. Our approach is unique. From the design execution to the last touches, we focus on creating a personalized experience. Whether reshaping your pool, upgrading the tiles, or adding innovative features, we handle it all with unmatched craftsmanship.

 With our experienced pool experts, you’re not just getting a pool remodel but investing in a lifestyle upgrade. Our commitment to excellence ensures your pool looks stunning and enhances your outdoor living space. Dive into the luxury of a beautifully remodeled pool with us. Contact us for pool remodeling, landscape remodeling, artificial lawns, paver services, and sprinkler repair!


Our Mission

To provide unparalleled inground pool remodeling services in Sylmar that blend craftsmanship, aesthetic excellence, and environmental consciousness.


Our Vision

To be the leading provider of professional pool remodeling in Sylmar California, renowned for our creativity, integrity, and environmental stewardship.

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Our Process for Inground Pool Remodeling: Enhancing Your Personal Experience

We ensure your inground pool remodeling is seamless, providing a personalized experience with our comprehensive process.
  • Consultation & Design: Begin with a detailed consultation, understanding your vision
  • Material Selection: Select top-tier materials to match your style
  • Customized Plan: Creating a tailored plan, ensuring every aspect meets your needs
  • Efficient Construction: Skilled artisans handle the renovation, focusing on quality and efficiency
  • Regular Updates: Keeping you updated on every step
  • Final Walkthrough: Ensuring satisfaction with a final inspection and walkthrough
Our process guarantees a remodel that meets and exceeds your expectations, turning your dream pool into reality.

Our Comprehensive Inground Pool Remodeling Techniques: Ensuring Brilliance

We use state-of-the-art techniques to ensure brilliance in our best inground pool remodeling in Sylmar California, ensuring excellence.

  • Structural Assessment: Thorough inspection to identify any structural issues for a robust renovation
  • Modern Resurfacing: Utilize advanced materials for durable and aesthetically pleasing pool surfaces
  • Energy-Efficient Systems: Install eco-friendly, cost-saving filtration and heating systems
  • Custom Aesthetics: Offer a variety of designs, including classic and contemporary
  • Safety Upgrades: Incorporate the latest safety features for peace of mind
  • Landscape Integration: Seamlessly blend the pool with your existing landscape
Our techniques combine functionality with beauty, ensuring your remodeled pool is a stunning, safe, and sustainable retreat.
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Sylmar Expert Inground Pool Remodeling : 25 Years of Excellence

With twenty-five years of excellence, we’ve been the epitome of inground pool remodeling in Sylmar CA. We excel in revamping old-fashioned swimming pools into contemporary, opulent retreats. Armed with profound expertise and cutting-edge instruments, we guarantee the meticulous execution of every understanding with accuracy and attention to detail. We provide an all-inclusive suite of services, encompassing everything from the initial design brainstorming to the grand unveiling of the project. Choose Jerry’s Landscaping & Pool Remodeling for a pool remodeling experience combining tradition with innovation, guaranteeing a paradise right in your backyard!

Our Services

What We Offer

Pool Remodel

Transform your backyard with our inground pool remodeling in Sylmar CA, featuring the latest designs and eco-friendly solutions for a stunning, rejuvenated swimming experience.

Pool Repair

Trust our skilled team for all your pool repair needs, from leak detection to equipment maintenance, ensuring your pool remains a pristine and inviting oasis.

Artificial Lawn

Experience the ease and beauty of our top artificial lawns, offering a lush, low-maintenance, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional grass.

Outdoor Lighting

Brighten your outdoor areas with our custom outdoor lighting solutions, designed to add safety, functionality, and a magical ambiance to your evenings.

Sprinkler Repair

Keep your garden flourishing with our efficient sprinkler repair services, ensuring optimal irrigation system performance for a healthy, vibrant landscape.


Enhance your outdoor aesthetics with our durable and stylish pavers, perfect for creating elegant walkways, patios, and driveways that complement your home’s charm.

Landscaping Remodel

Elevate your outdoor space with our expert landscaping remodel, blending innovative designs with natural beauty to create your perfect outdoor sanctuary.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We provide landscaping services to enhance the aesthetics of your remodeled pool, creating a serene environment.

 Definitely! We can integrate a spa or hot tub into your pool setup during the remodel, ensuring a comfortable experience.

We guide you in maintaining your pool, including cleaning, chemical balance, and equipment care.

Yes, we can upgrade your pool lighting to energy-efficient LED lights, making it perfect for relaxation.

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Customized Design Approach

We believe every pool should reflect the owner’s personality. Our tailored professional pool remodeling in Sylmar California, allows for unique, creative solutions, transforming your pool into a personalized backyard paradise.

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Commitment to Sustainability

Our focus on eco-friendly practices and energy-efficient systems enhances your pool’s functionality and reduces environmental impact, aligning with contemporary, green living standards.

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